About Us

The GreenrThings team is made up of botanists, farmers, and home gardeners. What unites us is to bring a greener life to everyone who wants them, whether you want a plant in your cubicle, or you want to grow herbs in your sixth floor apartment. We want to give you the benefit our experiences and knowledge to help you be confident of your green thumb.

Our plans were developed by a home gardener to appeal to anyone. “Even if you’re short on space, you can make it a little greener!” is one of her mantras. Each month you get information and tools mailed to your door, including guides and regular plant assessments and resolutions for common issues. After six months, you’ll have what you need to keep your plant happy and healthy.

Our blog contains handy tips and tricks for plants of all kinds. We know that once you successfully keep one plant, you’re probably going to want some more! We rely on experts to keep us up to date on the best practices for gardening.