Gardening in Florida, Transplant to Transplant…

Hi all!

I recently transplanted myself to central Florida (Zone 9B), and I brought all of my plants with me (even the 4 foot tall avocados I started from seeds). SinceĀ I grew up in a gardening household, I did a lot of research to see what gardening looks like (the answer is: different). The University of Florida has great resources for the gardeners of the state, but what intrigued me most was the calendars.

Summers are HOT, that’s on the list of things I knew. Summers also feature torrential rain, basically every afternoon. This makes for some less than favorable growing. So, we plant for two shorter seasons on either side of the summer, when the weather is more temperate and the rain isn’t as frequent.

Yesterday, I planted my first round of veggies: baby bell peppers and jalapenos. I also put together a mixed herb pot and I transplanted a few of the plants I brought with me when I moved. It’s going to be a learning experience especially since I am 100% container gardening, but it was still awfully tempting to go overboard.

In the coming year, I hope to get some raised beds built so I can have tomatoes, cucumbers, root veggies, sweet potatoes and squashes. Dream big, I know!

Hope you’ve enjoyed my post! I’m including a picture of my gardening yesterday below.