Christmas Cactus: a Quick Guide

It’s very likely that you’ve seen this plant around this time of year. These beautiful, bloom-filled cacti are not difficult to keep year-round, though sometimes getting them to bloom the next year takes some coaxing (more on this later). If you receive one of these beauties during the holidays, don’t worry, they’re easygoing!

The plant is made up of green stems, which look a bit like leaves until they harden off with age and not much else. The stems end with a few hair-like bristles, until a new stem segment or flower bud starts to emerge.

As long as the plant has enough energy and resources stored throughout the year, what triggers flowering is the shift of seasons. Cooler temperatures and slightly less water are the main things that you can do to elicit blooms. They’re native to Brazil, so you have an excuse to channel that climate!

Information Brief
Sun: enjoys shade and indoor living
Water: let it dry out a bit between waterings
Soil: well draining soil is important, they like to be root-bound
Propagation: stem cuttings
Notable Pests: few, but not many at all

Holiday Plant Plan – Limited Time Only!

The holidays are fast upon us, and we have a plan fit for celebration!

Our Holiday Plant Plan features a White Pine in a festive pot and a package of mini-ornaments!

Grow your own Christmas tree! The white pine is often used ornamentally and in bonsai, but we won’t be training you on that. You can keep this plant inside throughout the holiday season. We highly recommend that you move it outdoors after the risk of frost has passed in your area. Please make arrangements with a friend, family member or organization who
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Given the size of this plant, there will be a larger cost to the initial shipment of this plant.