Why is my plant so “leggy”?

You know one when you see it; a plant that’s gotten “leggy” stands out a little. They may be thin-looking, small-leaved, maybe there needs to be more of them in a pot to make it look full…

How do plants get leggy? There are a few reasons. Plants could have too much nitrogen in the soil, which is difficult to fix. Work on avoiding it instead by following fertilization guidelines (it’s why we include them in our plans). Or, more simply, the plants could be reaching for more sun, but not be getting it (making it hard for them to make more roots and leaves).

How do you fix a leggy plant? That depends on the type of plant. Herbs respond well to light pruning, as it makes the plant force its energy out to the sides. Succulents may respond well to that too, but if it’s gotten out of hand, you may have to cut the top off of the plant and start it rooting as a “new” plant (see picture).

After you’ve taken steps to help your plant’s structure, you still need to address the cause and get your plant some more light. Find a better window, move the plant in front of taller objects, or get a plant light or lamp and supplement the light you can’t get.

How much space will my plant need?

When you first receive your plant from greenrThings, it will be in a pot that is between three (3) and six (6) inches in diameter. Your plant will need two inches in addition to this, in order to accommodate a drip tray under the pot.

There is a lot of variability in the height of plants.┬áSo while you can estimate how tall it may be by looking at photos, we’d recommend not limiting how tall your plant can be (placing a plant in a bookshelf, or under an overhang).

Of course, as your plant thrives under your expert care, it will need more space!