About Our Plans

All of our plans include six monthly deliveries, which include a potted plant, gardening tools, and plant treatments. You’ll also receive regular guides for plant assessments and resolutions for common issues. Each month you’ll receive an information card with details on your delivery and instructions for helping your plant live a long and green life.

Everyone wants to get something different out of their garden, that’s one of the reasons we like plants so much! That’s also why we offer a few different plans to get you started.

Succulents: These are among the more easygoing plants out there, their usual habitats are arid desserts. If you’re getting started with plants, or if you want to add a low-maintenance plant to your garden, this is a great plan to start with. You’ll learn how to gauge watering, fertilize seasonally, and even propagate your plant.

Herbs: There’s no denying that herbs can step up your game in the kitchen. Now you can keep fresh green herbs close to hand by growing them yourself. You’ll learn about sustainable harvesting and the basics of organic plant care during this plan.

Indoor Air: Plants have the ability to bring the outdoors, in. This plan capitalizes on that by featuring plants that are both alright with indoor lighting and equipped to clean some toxins out of the air. These plants may be a little more challenging to raise, so if you’ve never successfully had plants, you may want to start with our succulent plan.

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